If you are looking to find product market fit or accelerate revenue growth of your small business or startup … We can help!

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If you are a small business owner looking to in-source your digital sales and marketing … We can help!.

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If you are a startup founder or small business owner we have services designed for you … We can help!

What Others are Saying

Thanks for setting up TheCodeFactory and Students and Startups. Because of the friends and colleagues that I first met at TheCodeFactory, I’m now living my dream of working alongside several world-class engineers at a fast-growing company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If it hadn’t been for TheCodeFactory who knows where I’d have ended up. It’s hard to imagine things being any better.

I just figured you might like to know that.

Dwayne Litzenberger

Need amazing office space to kick off your small business or organization? You can’t do better than my friends TheCodeFactory – MediaStyle wouldn’t be where we are today without Ian and his vision for co-working in Ottawa.
Ian Capstick


TheCodeFactory team introduced us to new tools that helped us automate our business and save us more time in the future. My time is my most valuable resource and I have a lot more of it thanks to TheCodeFactory.
Len Fardella

Peter's New Jobs

You are amazing! I’m SO glad I went this route. I was going crazy trying to keep my site updated!
Carolyne Aarsen

People I met at TheCodeFactory continue to be such awesome and down to earth people.
Robert Ziehl


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